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Serving San Diego County and Riverside County, the Law Office of Wayne Templin can help you with landlord or tenant issues, real property disputes such as easement or boundary disptutes, business disputes, contractor issues, personal injury and more.


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Whether you’re leasing property, in an eviction process, have a property dispute or easement or boundary dispute, involved in a business or contractor dispute or just need a contract or other business documents, we have the experience you need, at a price you can afford. You don’t have to go through this alone. Contact us today. 

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    Residential Landlord - Tenant Forms
    The forms provided below require proper completion and proper service to be effective.  You should consult with an attorney experienced in landlord-tenant issues before you attempt to serve any legal documents.  Using the improper form, or improperly completing a form, or improperly serving a form, or any combination, can cost you time and money.  The forms listed below are the more common forms used in landlord-tenant situations.  Other forms are applicable in other situations.
    The notices below are samples. Your situation determines what information should be entered. 
    Improper or missing information can make the notice invalid.
    A notice is not effective until properly completed and properly served.

    3-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit

    Download File

    30 Day Notice to Terminate Tenancy

    Download File

    60 Day Notice to Terminate Occupancy

    Download File

    3 Day Notice to Cure or Quit

    Download File

    Landlord's Initial Inspection and Itemized Statement of Needed Repairs

    Download File


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    For Residential Property  in the City of San Diego:  The City of San Diego Municipal Code limits eviction of  residential tenants in the City of San Diego. A copy of the Code is below:

    City of San Diego Tenant Right to Know Code

    Download File